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Translating Your COVID Notifications and Updates

Translating your COVID Notifications and updates can help inform people, including limited English-speaking customers and employees, about measures that they can take to prevent the transmission of the virus. Types of COVID notifications and updates that can be translated include:

  • Lifesaving emergency information
  • Rules for visitors
  • Hand sanitizing and washing diagrams
  • Social distancing guidelines
  • Diagrams on how to wear masks
  • Lists of COVID resources
  • Care for Yourself diagrams
  • Management assessment and response tools
  • Vaccine Information Statements
  • Updates to employee handbooks, safety manuals, and training materials
  • Updates to employee paperwork
  • So much more!

Where to Distribute Translated COVID Notifications

Once you translate your COVID updates and notifications into one or more languages, they can be distributed and made accessible in multiple ways, especially in places where there is high visibility and lots of traffic. These locations usually include entrance points and waiting and common areas. Other ways to distribute translated COVID updates and notifications include:

Print as a handout

COVID notifications that have been translated can be printed, mailed or handed out.

Print and laminate

Permanent, laminated office copies may be given out, as well as displayed on walls in offices and waiting rooms.

Make available for download as a PDF on your website or app

Make a digital copy available to be downloaded via phone or other digital device as a pdf file.

Send via Email or Messenger

Translated COVID and updates can be sent via email.

Make translations of COVID updates available as a webpage or pop-up on your website

Have a pop-up or dedicated page on your site dedicated to COVID notifications or updates in different languages.

Get Your COVID Notifications and Updates Translated Today

By teaming up with a language service provider, staffed by professional linguists with backgrounds in healthcare, you can confidence that your notifications will be accurately translated. Learn more about Language Link’s translation services, available in over 100 languages, and get a free quote on any of our services.



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