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Transforming Expectations for Intellectual Property Translation: The BIG IP Vision

By Andrew Keirns

With legal services and procurement staff asked to accomplish more with less budget, translation resources are being evaluated with a closer eye. When I’ve spoken recently with the legal teams of multinational companies, they’ve expressed concerns about the ROI of their IP support networks. 

They ask questions like: How much time can you save me? How can you help control budget leaks? What can you do that my translation company doesn’t?

The answers are surprising because our services aren’t designed to be solely transactional. BIG IP partnerships focus far more on generating value. Our goal is to unify translation services, create efficiency, and minimize the risks associated with things such as litigation and data. Our vision for acting as a strategic translation partner includes:

Flexibility in Partnership Scope 

We don’t use a universal approach. Our clients’ needs dictate the team and the scope of services. Our selectively chosen channel partners are outstanding, but we only bring them in when warranted. We call on our deep bench of subject matter experts to provide insights when their expertise is required. Because we don’t shoehorn all our services into every engagement, we keep costs contained.

Quality Processes & Proven Network

The BIG IP network of IP translation industry veterans and skilled specialist translators is matched with our four-step quality process. Unparalleled in the industry, the system uses no machine translation for patents, beginning with an experienced translator with an advanced degree in the subject matter we are working on. The translation is independently reviewed for syntax and grammar then reviewed by an in-country patent attorney for technical accuracy, readability, and observance of local formatting requirements. Last, a dedicated project manager packages and delivers the translation in accordance with client instructions. Proven security protocols are in place throughout the process.

Prevention of Future Problems

BIG IP seeks to identify the gaps in IP strategy and pain points in the process, determining client goals and, how to achieve them. If your company is involved with M&A activity, we would ensure you have the information needed to improve the valuation of the seller you represent. With our finger on the pulse of Supreme Court legislation, our team keeps clients abreast of decisions that impact patent law, and, in turn, your filings. Clients won’t get caught by surprise. We extensively survey the patent landscape to identify the greatest opportunities for obtaining rights and potential infringement areas, ensuring clients can serve as trusted advisors to their company leadership on risk mitigation for IP. 

Deep Expertise & Diverse Team

After serving the legal and IP communities for close to 50 years, through our group company ProTranslating, we made the decision to create a stand-alone business dedicated to the legal professionals we serve. Our focus on recruiting, retaining, and advancing the most talented team members from all backgrounds benefits client partners by bringing forth unique perspectives to the development of custom solutions. Our roster includes some of the brightest minds in the industry, familiar with the workings of international jurisdictions. 

Converting Cost Centers to Revenue Drivers

By reducing costs with a unified approach to international patent translations, clients can redirect funds to programs that drive revenue. More streamlined translation services can allow for additional jurisdiction filings without eating up our client’s budget. With a better view of the litigation landscape, the team can spend energy and resources on other proactive measures including trade secret protection and succession roadmaps in partnership with HR.

With a multi-faceted approach to crafting solutions, rigorous quality controls, and an expert team in IP and legal translation, BIG IP is poised to transform expectations for the value language solution partners can bring.  To learn more about the BIG IP team’s quality control measures, contact us.



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