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The Top Frozen Treats Around the World

I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream!

And what better day to celebrate everyone’s favorite frozen treat than on National Ice Cream Day. Mark your calendars for July 19!

Although this is strictly an American celebration and not an international one, you are welcome to enjoy whatever frozen treat your heart (or stomach) desires. For inspiration, check out the list below of some of the top frozen treats from around the world.

DondurmaTurkey: Dondurma

  • An ice cream made with sweetened goat’s milk that is sometimes eaten with a knife and fork it is so chewy and thick!


GelatoItaly: Gelato

  • Made of similar ingredients to ice cream, gelato is served at a higher temperature, which results in a smoother texture. It’s also lower in fat that traditional ice cream.


MochiJapan: Mochi

  • Hand-held, bite-sized ice cream that is coated in a sticky, chewy dough.


KulfiIndia: Kulfi

  • Traditionally made from milk that has been simmered for hours and flavored with pistachios, saffron or cardamom. It is a common street food in India, where it is often molded into a conical shape and served on a stick.


PaletasMexico: Paletas

  • Similar to popsicles and made with fresh fruit. They can be made with water and juice or milk/cream. Salty or spicy flavorings are common.


Clotted Cream Ice CreamUnited Kingdom: Clotted Cream Ice Cream

  • A unique, pale buttercup type of ice cream, which is commonly served with British afternoon tea. The frozen version is often enjoyed with fresh strawberries.


SorbetesPhilippines: Sorbetes

  • Despite its name it is not sorbet! It’s typically sold by street vendors and served in a bun or wafer cone. Cheese is one of the most popular flavors!


Spaghetti-eisGermany: Spaghetti-eis

  • Made to look like a plate of spaghetti, it’s actually made by passing ice cream through a potato press. Vanilla and strawberry is the most common flavored version.


Ais KacangMalaysia and Singapore: Ais Kacang

  • A bright and colorful desert that translates to “ice beans.” It is made of shaved ice and cooked red beans. Durian fruit is a common topping.


FaloodehIran: Faloodeh

  • A traditional sorbet that consists of frozen sugar syrup infused with rose water and mixed with thin vermicelli noodles.

BaobingChina: Baobing

  • Baobing is a simple dessert consisting of finely shaved ice and fresh fruit such as mangoes, litchis, and rambutans. It is usually topped with condensed milk, flavored sugar syrup, mung beans, and peanuts.


PatbingsuSouth Korea: Patbingsu

  • Its name translates to red bean ice flakes, similar to Ais Kacang. It consists of shaved ice, condensed milk and sweet azuki bean paste. It is often topped with rice cakes, fresh fruit or cereal.

Written by Lynda Walz, Sales Executive



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