The Opinion is a podcast that discusses trending topics within the market research industry while delivering general business tips. On the latest Opinion Podcast, they honor international Podcast Day, celebrated on September 30th, promoting international Podcasts with Bob McNabb, the Vice President of Market Research Business Development for Protranslating, a BIG Language Solutions Company.

Bob has over 18 years of experience in market research, including programming, project management, survey development, and client consulting. He currently has high-level market research knowledge on streamlining language support services to fit global research projects better. In this podcast, Bob discusses the difference between Protranslating and other translation providers and the importance of international translation.

The difference between Protranslating and other translation providers is that few other providers can say that they have programmed and written surveys. With this experience, we help our clients better define business issues while crafting translated content to capture the best feedback for prospective and established clients. Based on feedback from our clients, Bob has found that newly onboarded clients say we are very responsive to their needs and inquiries. He also hears that our pricing is transparent. For example, we don’t add on fees for project management or file engineering. What you see is what you get!

However, even when considering all the time it takes our clients to construct a survey, we still hear clients ask how quickly we can get the translations turned around. As a result, this is one of Protranslating’s biggest balancing acts, getting our clients to understand that it takes time to translate, proofread, edit, QA, and optimize their surveys before we deliver them to our clients.  Giving translators adequate time is key to high-quality translation.

We are privy to a great deal of confidential information and content.  Protranslating provides industry-leading security via the world’s most secure translation environment. Regardless of the industry, you are in, whether it’s entertainment to legal to pharmaceutical, we always use the most secure translation environment for our clients by using the SOC 2 Type II reports. 

Lastly, Bob discusses the importance of international branding across campaigns. He used an example about when the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken had their slogan wrongly translated into Chinese, so instead of saying “Kentucky Fried Chicken – Finger Lickin Good,” it read “Kentucky Fried Chicken – Ate Your Fingers Off.” This example shows how vital translations are and how much a few mistranslated words can change your entire campaign. 

Listen to the Opinion podcast to gain insight into international market research and a few pro-business tips.

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