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Tagalog Language Day

The Philippines gained their independence from Spain on June 12th, 1898, dedicating this day as their Independence Day. We thought today would be a great day to feature a language day post featuring Tagalog. Here at ISI, we sat down with one of our accounting members, a native from Manila, to chat about some of his favorite things about his culture and language. Thank you, Paul, for sitting down with us!

ISI: What is your favorite word in Tagalog and why?

Paul: My favorite words in Tagalog are “Po” and “Opo”. They denote signs of respect, much like ‘sir/ma’am’ in the English language.

ISI: What is your favorite Tagalog idiosyncrasy that most people would not know?

Paul: People tend to point direction using their lips, as It is faster and explaining verbally would take longer.

ISI: What’s your favorite thing about Filipino Culture?

Paul: The culture is very welcoming, sweet, and generally happy people.

ISI: What is your favorite Filipino Meal and why?

Paul: Anything with steamed rice. I would not be a Filipino if I did not eat rice at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, every day.

ISI: What would most people be surprised about traveling in Tagalog speaking countries?

Paul: Filipinos start and end their sentences with Sir and Ma’am.

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