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Spanish Language Day at The UN

In observance of Spanish Language Day at the UN today, ISI Language Solutions sat down with one of our Spanish Language Project Managers and QA Lead, Ines. From Montevideo, Uruguay, Ines let us know some of her favorite things about the Uruguayan culture and the Spanish Language.

What is your favorite word in Spanish and why?

Ines: “Sobremesa.” Literally, it would be translated as “overtable,” and it refers to the time after having a meal with family or friends when you just sit at the table and talk.

What is your favorite Uruguayan idiosyncrasy that most people would not know?

Ines: Uruguay is considered to be the most democratic country in Latin America and has historically been the continent’s leader in terms of social inclusion and promotion of individuality and equality for all.

What is your favorite thing about Uruguayan Culture?

Ines: It’s so hard to pick one! But I’d have to say that Uruguayans tend to put people first over anything else.

What is your favorite Uruguayan Meal and why?

Ines: Asado (Uruguayan barbecue). And it’s not just about having the best meat in the world but mostly about getting together with your loved ones and enjoying each other’s company.

What about your favorite song/type of music?

Ines: My favorite song is “Todo se transforma” by Jorge Drexler.

What’s your favorite Uruguayan read?

Ines: I’m very biased here, but my favorite Uruguayan book is a novel written by my grandfather, Julián Murguía, called “El tesoro de Cañada Seca.” It’s about two teenage kids who look for a treasure in the Uruguayan countryside.

And lastly, what would most people be surprised about traveling in Uruguay?

Ines: That it’s not listed as a must-see destination on every travel guide ever written! It’s such a beautiful and peaceful country. I recommend everyone visit it at least once in their lives.

Navigating the world of different languages that may be foreign to you, like Spanish, can be a challenging task. With a partner that understands the subtleties inherent in any culture is key to success in translation. ISI Language Solutions has helped our clients reach Non-English target markets for over 36 years.

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