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SlatorCon 2019 — Your Definitive Guide and Key Takeaways

The SlatorCon tour took in three global cities across two continents in 2019 and featured a total of 28 speakers representing the full breadth of the language industry — from startups, language technology and language service providers to the buy-side and finance.

Here, we revisit the key takeaways from our events calendar in 2019.

Offering a private equity perspective, Charles Stubbs of MSouth Equity Partners outlined what he described as a slightly more simplistic strategy. Stubbs said that MSouth, which teamed up with language industry veteran Jeff Brink to form Big Language Solutions in 2019, saw three main reasons for investing in the language industry: fragmentation, customer demand, and revenue growth. According to Stubbs, language translation is “an industry that’s growing 7% year over year, double or triple GDP — that always interests us — and low capex investment. We traditionally love business services.

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