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How we work: Protranslating's client-oriented protocols ensure dedicated teams always deliver customized excellence to our customers.

Localization Project Managers (LPMs)

Take a minute to think about your fondest hopes when it comes to sending a project for translation – this will literally be the only time you’ll spend thinking about your translation needs because our Localization Project Managers from Protranslating will take care of the rest!

From helping to define your target audience, market and brand image; to understanding technicalities of the terminology and industry specificities; to adjusting the final product to the language, culture, and business practices of the foreign country; we, as Localization Project Managers and conductors, will harmoniously bring the moving pieces together to create a product that will always be spot on.

Our recipe for success? It can be summarized with the four key points below.

resolving puzzles is our specialty

It is our job, as Localization Project Managers and language provider professionals, to identify and understand your needs. Simply send over the documents requiring translation, sit back, relax, and let us get to work.

Behind the scenes, we will conduct a thorough document review and consult internally with our Language Experts and Translation Technology Specialists, as needed. We will make sure to ask the right questions at the right time with one goal in mind: translate only what you need, the way you need it, while ensuring cost-efficiency and timeliness of delivery.

And if you are ever interested in further understanding our processes, it is also our job to provide you a crystal clear picture that will put all your questions in perspective.

networking is our strength

At Protranslating, we have access to an extensive network of native language professionals per industry and specialty areas who were first screened based on exacting educational and background requirements. Subject to a rigorous, time-tested evaluation process orchestrated by our most Senior Linguists, their results and progress are meticulously recorded and tracked to help determine the role they will play in the translation process.

With this wealth of knowledge and thanks to the privileged interactions we have daily with our approved language experts, assigning the right linguists to the most indicated position is readily accomplished.

no challenges are too big to be tackled—juggling is our strong suit

Were you ever in a situation where you needed a translation…and you needed it yesterday? Well, at Protranslating we are used to seemingly impossible challenges and can handle any ordeal.

Our secret? An efficient organization, strategic workforce planning, and in-depth knowledge of our translation tools and their benefits from a timeline and cost standpoint. it’s really only a matter of knowing how to keep several pieces in motion in the air and making sure they never fall on the ground. If they do, it’s no big deal! We have a plan B already in place and ready to be deployed.

customer service shines bright on our banner

They say the quality of the interactions a given company has with its clients is reflective of the energy flowing between its employees. We are a family business, but more than that, our interpersonal relationships and actions are guided by our history and values. What does that mean day-to-day? Well, as customer service fanatics, our will is to help regardless of the circumstances. And we make a point of doing so with a large smile that is felt through phone lines and emails.

Responsiveness, effectiveness and timeliness, those are key values that guide us. Expect an answer or a phone call from us quickly after submission, followed by our best estimated cost and turnaround time. And if you have any questions about the quote or during the process, we will be glad to help and answer as clearly as possible. Our goal is to provide you with a memorable customer service experience that leaves you completely satisfied and happy, providing peace of mind for your next projects.

how can we help?
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