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Mobile surveys: use them to supercharge your market research

Leveraging mobile surveys to supercharge your market research

Surveys are one of the most relied-upon tools for conducting market research. Mobile surveys in particular have proven to be highly effective at connecting with audiences, and they offer a number of important benefits to businesses, starting with their scalability, reach, and higher participation rates than their non-mobile-friendly counterparts.

The widespread global adoption of smartphones also makes mobile survey software a more practical market research tool regardless of the type of audience you’re targeting. Regardless of your industry or whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, mobile survey campaigns will be a valuable research channel for years to come.

How mobile surveys drive higher ROI

Many different variables contribute to high ROI for mobile survey campaigns. Businesses realize this value in their market research through the following capabilities:

  • You can reach a large audience with ease—especially an international one. Digital distribution makes it easy to promote surveys through your own media channels such as email and social media. You can also increase survey participation through paid ad campaigns. 
  • Survey development takes less time. Mobile survey software lets you build a high-quality form much faster than what is required for traditional surveys.
  • Data collection and analysis is faster. Mobile survey results can be automatically entered into your response database, and reports can be quickly generated to monitor these results.
  • Mobile surveys are more appealing to younger audiences. If you’re targeting market research to millennials or Generation Z, mobile surveys typically achieve higher engagement rates among this age group.

If you remain skeptical of these ROI benefits, launch a test survey campaign and compare those new results to what you’ve typically received through more traditional survey strategies.

Asia, Latin America show high mobile survey participation rates

Surveys targeted to international markets might be even more likely to benefit from a mobile experience. Research shows that mobile survey participation rates are the highest in developing Asian countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. Developing countries in Latin American, South Africa, and the Middle East also show participation rates that far exceed what businesses experience in European and North American countries.

Compared to developed Western nations, a developing Asian market can offer a 15 to 30 percent higher participation rate for mobile surveys—making this market research tool even more valuable to international survey campaigns.

Tips to optimize mobile survey success

If you’re looking to build your first mobile survey, or you’re trying to improve on past survey performance, don’t overlook these steps during the survey development process:

  • Ensure forms are built with a responsive design. Mobile surveys offer a better user experience, but you still need to choose a high-quality interface that displays correctly on any mobile device survey participants might be using.
  • Keep surveys short and sweet. One of the strengths of mobile surveying is that the format encourages market researchers to limit questions as a means of increasing participation. By building a short, efficient mobile survey, you can boost form completion rates.
  • Don’t forget about location data. Along with the answers collected in a mobile survey, location data is another important data point that mobile surveys offer. Set up survey forms to collect this information from each participant.

If you’re building mobile surveys and conducting other research in foreign markets, these materials require professional translation to not only increase participation, but to ensure you’re asking the right questions with the right phrasing for the information you’re seeking. Contact Protranslating today to find out how we can support your market research efforts.

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