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ISI Language Solutions to Discuss Unique Client Business Model with Linguists at Upcoming American Translator Association Conference in New Orleans, October 24th–27th 2018

The linguist plays an inherently important part in the localization supply chain.

As the automation of repetitive processes becomes commoditized, the maintenance and deployment of translation memories become an industry standard, and the rapidly evolving landscape of machine translation becomes mainstream, the linguist still stands front and center as the final determinant of quality, voice, and even brand. ISI understands the importance our linguists play in our relationships with clients. It is why ISI utilizes a unique business model that leverages our 36-year history developing long-term relationships with linguists to enhance our client relationships.

At the upcoming American Translators Association Conference in New Orleans, October 24th–27th of this year, ISI language Solutions’ President, Michael Bearden, will present on “The LSC & Linguist Lifecycle: A Recipe for Moving Past Transactions and Into Thriving Partnerships.”

Michael will share the strategies and tools we use to cultivate mutually-beneficial professional relationships from forecasting, recruitment, qualification review, internal assessments, to final selection and onboarding. Attendees in the session will gain traction in their efforts to move beyond short-term transactions, to identify like-minded strategic partners, and maximize the Linguist Lifecycle by creating an environment of shared success through open communication and collaboration.

If you are a linguist and will be attending the ATA conference, please drop into our session on October 25th at 11:15 am. Marc Chen, a Production Manager and key cog in the development of our Resource Management program will also be in attendance, so please bring any questions or comments, and we look forward to seeing you in the Big Easy.

If you would like a copy of our presentation please email and we will send it directly after the conference.

We look forward to seeing you there!



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