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ISI Language Solutions is ISO Certified. What Does that Mean?

ISI Language Solutions is proud of its ISO Certification, but what does being ISO certified mean? This certification (specifically ISO 9001:2015) relates to the processes we use for projects and gives us high-accuracy, quality-assured results. Read on to learn more about why ISO certification is an important factor to look for when selecting a Language Services Provider (LSP).

What is an ISO Certification?

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. The organization exists to provide independent evaluations of whether companies meet high-level standards for their respective industries. Quality represents something different in each industry. ISO certification helps companies identify and measure their quality initiatives and ensure that their workflows assure the level of quality desired.

This is not a process into which companies enter lightly. There are technical committees that determine the standards for each industry, as well as general standards (like ISO 9001) which aim to evaluate an entire system for managing quality. The idea is that if you have a system that creates ample opportunity to check for and document errors and obstacles, as well as an efficient method for resolving and overcoming them, your quality will be consistently strong. General ISO standards allow companies that provide a range of services to receive verification that they are creating a Quality Management System (QMS) that should result in high performance.

How does ISO Relate to LSPs?

Verifying the accuracy of an LSP’s work can be challenging if you are not fluent in every language in which they support you. This is where ISO certification can mean a lot. The difference between 98% accuracy and 99.7% accuracy is enormous when every word can affect someone’s future in a field like medicine or law. ISI’s extensive work in these industries led us to our own ISO certification. It offers a clear demonstration of our commitment to quality work. We want our translations, interpretations and other document services to be entirely above reproach. That’s why we design the interactions of our linguists in such a way that work is thoroughly done and evaluated at every stage.

Certifications are a major way that LSPs distinguish themselves so that you can feel assured that results are of the highest possible caliber. Beyond the actual document services, we use our highly-refined processes to ensure that our customer interactions, including when we are creating an order for you and learning about your custom needs, are attentive. We want to make sure that everything you request is what we deliver.

Contact ISI Today

Working with an ISO certified company is the most effective way to ensure that your work is thoroughly checked and completed at a high level. ISI works to be the most accurate, versatile resource for you when it comes to language solutions. When you are ready to discuss your upcoming project, make sure to contact us.



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