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ISI Language Solutions is highly honored to be included in Nimdzi’s rankings of the top 100 largest language service providers in the world. Out of more than 23,000 global language service providers, ISI is ranked 77th in 2019, our third year in a row on this distinguished list.

The Nimdzi 100 ranking is widely regarded as an industry standard in language services and is visible to thousands of companies and individuals, including current and potential partners, freelancers and jobseekers.

Nimdzi uses a wide range of metrics to determine who appears in their top hundred including overall revenue and growth rates but equally important is the feedback it receives from organizations partnering with language service providers.

An international consulting and marketing research company focused on the language and localization industry, Nimdzi’s principal goal is to provide clients with information and insights to be successful on a global scale. Nimdzi works directly with businesses to help them expand into new markets.

Founded in 1982, ISI Language Solutions is a leading provider of language access and localization solutions for leading organizations in the life sciences sphere and other major industries. As a HITRUST and ISO-Certified service provider, our strength lies in our dedicated team of linguists and project managers who have in-depth experience and industry-specific knowledge and access compliance-driven support solutions.

ISI Language Solutions offers the following services: translation and localization, onsite interpreting, over- the- phone interpreting, video remote interpreting, alternative formats (large print, Braille, audio), multimedia localization and linguistic quality assurance. technologies

ISI would like to give a big shout out and heartfelt thank you to all our clients for their trust, support and collaboration, which has helped us appear in the top 100 for the third year running.

As a Language Service Provider, ISI recognizes that we are fortunate to be able to operate our business remotely and can still function on near normal footing in this brave new world that has been foisted upon us by the COVID-19 crisis. We recognize that for many the current situation is anything but normal as many individuals and organizations are experiencing tough and challenging times globally. We are reminded every day that we need to unite, listen, cooperate and learn from each other’s experiences to get through these challenging times.



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