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From typewriter to transglobal

(Or, 5 reasons why your provider of life science solutions is bragging about their global supply chain)

When Dora Wirth started her company, Dora Wirth (Languages) Limited, in 1964, she worked from a typewriter which still sits in our head office in Hammersmith, London.

In those days, the industry placed emphasis on recruiting in‑house linguists and specialists.

Back then we still delivered all of our translations by post.

5. Today, Samuel Wirth leads an international team of multi-lingual project managers, advised by in-house translator and Medical Director, Dr Iain Matheson, and recruits local linguists on every continent. Working with translators based in the country of their target language ensures up-to-date knowledge of developments in language and in the life science industry in their region.

4. We foster valuable relationships with native speakers of more than 35 languages in order to safeguard the continued quality of our service.

DWL is well respected by linguists and healthcare professionals, with whom we collaborate regularly.

3. Our global supply chain means we frequently translate to and from the many languages required by the life science industry operating within traditional and emerging markets, e.g. not just Spanish for Spain, but also for Latin America. This is crucial when translating informed consent forms, for example, which should accurately reflect local dialects.

2. We draw from extensive knowledge of European regulatory procedures when translating submissions for marketing authorisation, and can assist US based clients with their European MAAs.

We regularly brief translators to accurately translate, update and review regulatory documentation into 24 languages for submission to the EMA. This means providing the translation team with the correct baseline files in their native language, the corresponding English reference file(s), as well as any specific guidelines regarding QRD template versions, translator comments, formatting, tracking and usernames.

1. It is largely thanks to the dedicated efforts of our international suppliers that we are able to call ourselves a family-run, global life science solutions provider.

And there are not many in the industry today who can say that.

DWL’s global supply chain consists of the following experts in their fields:

  • Medical and pharmaceutical translators and reviewers
  • Physicians
  • Medical and other scientists
  • Regulatory affairs consultants
  • Chemists
  • Physicists
  • Professional translators/reviewers specialised in law and related topics
  • Lawyers
  • Financial and commercial specialists
  • Computer Aided Translation (CAT) consultants and terminologists
  • Desktop publishing (DTP) professionals



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