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BIG Language Solutions Announces Significant Investment in the Global Intellectual Property & Legal Industries

ATLANTA (Jan. 30, 2020) – The leadership of BIG Language Solutions announces the further investment of funding and resources for their intellectual property and legal services business, specifically enhancing the offerings of BIG IP around patent and legal translation solutions to law firms and legal departments.

In working with international clients, BIG IP utilizes expert translators with advanced degrees in related subject matters, like biochemical or mechanical engineering, to ensure accurate and timely translations. BIG IP’s patent solutions include patent translations, foreign filing services, and patent litigation support. The company’s legal translation solutions include legal transactions and litigation matters, antitrust and M&A, marketing and business development, and legal interpreting services.

“After serving the legal and IP communities for close to 50 years through our group company, Protranslating, we made the decision to create a stand-alone business dedicated to the legal professionals we serve,” says Luis de la Vega, Chief Operating Officer of BIG IP. “The BIG IP team includes some of the brightest minds in the industry, familiar with the workings of international jurisdictions. Our collective goal is to identify the gaps in our clients’ IP strategy and pain points in the process, then partner with them to understand their business objectives and how to achieve them while minimizing the risks associated with things such as litigation and data.”

Checking qualifications and quality control measures of translation partners, along with requiring transparency in the patent translation process, are keys to protecting valuable intellectual property. BIG IP’s patent assurance certification process ensures linguistic and technical accuracy and adherence to local filing requirements. A local patent attorney is engaged in every patent translation to make sure terminology is correct and consistent with previous cases.

Day-to-day operations for BIG IP are led by industry veteran, Roxanne Le, vice president of global operations. In addition to de la Vega, the company’s executive team includes Jeff Brink, Chief Executive Officer, and Dave Perlman, Chief Financial Officer. BIG IP’s operations are based in Atlanta, Georgia with 15 other offices located in major cities across the globe.

“There are more than 3.2 million patent applications being filed each year across the globe,” says Jeff Brink. “Because of the critical nature of getting the technical translations of innovation, not close but technically correct for each individual patent office, we find IP to be a natural market for us. As a language service provider focused on highly regulated and highly technical verticals, the intellectual property and legal markets are core to the way we operate.”

BIG IP is innovating an industry laden with complexities and nuance with a focus on accuracy, security, and confidentiality. Adds Brink: “We are putting significant investment into our intellectual property business and further enhancing our existing legal team. This is important to our long-term strategy for becoming the preeminent LSP for the technical world of intellectual property and legal translation.”

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About BIG IP:

BIG IP is led by intellectual property translation and subject matter experts with decades of combined experience in the global language services industry. With operational and market protocols cultivated from years of serving the IP and legal industries and partnering with agents worldwide, the company was created to redefine and elevate the translation services industry. BIG IP’s international team provides comprehensive language solutions to companies under the most stringent quality assurance protocols to deliver accurate translations on-time and on-budget. Learn more at

About BIG Language Solutions:

BIG Language Solutions is disrupting the language industry by assembling a portfolio of high-performing and complementary language service providers, then adding value and leveraging synergies for the collective benefit of these companies and customers. BIG’s acquisition focus is on successful and profitable LSPs around the globe with motivated owners who want to remain involved and share in the group’s success. Based in Atlanta, BIG is led by language industry veterans with a history of innovation and success and founded in partnership with MSouth Equity Partners. Learn more at



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