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Emergency Nurses Day

There are more than 3 million RNs in the US workforce today. As a result of COVID, we’ve recognized new appreciation for our emergency medicine workers. At the start of the pandemic and related stay-at-home orders, everyday citizens honored emergency medical workers by singing or cheering from their balconies during evening hospital shift changes. America grew a new level of appreciation for healthcare workers in the face of coronavirus.

Prior to the pandemic, there were approximately 139 million emergency room visits per year. Each one of those visits is overseen by at least one emergency nurse. Statistics on ER nurses a difficult to find, but there are over 3 million RNs in the U.S. workforce today.

Some of you may be fortunate to have never had to visit an emergency room. Your only experience with emergency medicine may be “Grey’s Anatomy” or “ER.” An ER nurse is first to see a patient when they arrive in the ER. Their training is critical to the patient. Most ER nurses earn a degree as a Registered Nurse. Beyond their degree program, many nurses continue their training, advancing their skills and improving their knowledge of the ever-changing medical field. Some will specialize as well.

It is the Emergency Nurse Association’s (ENA) 50th year in business. It was supposed to be a year of celebration for ENA and Emergency Nurses. But 2020 had other plans that would push all of us – but especially ER nurses and doctors – to new limits. While we should appreciate the tremendous accomplishments of emergency nurses every day, this week is especially ideal. It is Emergency Nurses Week and today, October 14, is National Emergency Nurses Day.

Wondering how you can show your appreciation on Emergency Nurses Day? Check out the list of ideas below.

  • Learn more about the day in the life of an emergency nurse.
  • Send them a note of care and support.
  • Put together care packages for emergency nurses. Add bottled water, energy snacks, a card of encouragement, or a coffee gift card.
  • Share your experiences under the care of an emergency nurse.
  • Give them a word of compassion.
  • Help your hospital organize an event to show your support and appreciation for nurses.
  • Give a shout-out on social media to an emergency nurse you know.
  • Virtual Premiere of the documentary film, “In Case of Emergency.”

As a language service provider, ISI Language Solutions is tremendously grateful to emergency nurses as they are often the ones to coordinate interpreters for non-English speaking patients. We are so proud to be able to help bridge the communication gap between emergency workers and lesser-English proficiency patients. This blog post reflects a small sliver of our appreciation for the work you do every day – and with a smile, no less.

Written by Lynda Walz, Sales Executive



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