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Case Study: litigation translation

Case Study: Speedy, accurate litigation translation


A major law firm faced a tough challenge as they prepared for complex litigation in an international fraud case requiring the translation of boxes and boxes of evidence from Spanish into English as part of the discovery process. The sheer volume of files was so overwhelming they doubted one company could do all the work within only 60 days, especially given the intervening holiday season. Protranslating rose to the task, confident that, with careful planning and strategy, no obstacle would prove insurmountable.


We rolled up our sleeves and got down to business. A project management team was assigned to organize the massive amount of content received, which included 1,539 files and 5,066,000 million words. The documents were analyzed and categorized into buckets: bank statements, emails, letters, audit reports, contracts, and more.

Dozens of translation teams were mobilized and a group of senior linguists was tasked with creating glossaries and style guides that would be used by the entire translation team to maintain consistency. Translation, editing, and formatting began shortly before Thanksgiving with 25 to 40 professionals working at any given time. Project managers, translators, editors, graphic designers, and translation technology specialists collaborated on the project around the clock and throughout the course of the holidays. Translation technology and a preflight process were also leveraged to streamline production by identifying similarities between documents and creating templates.


What started as mountains of Spanish files was returned in beautiful packets of neatly organized English bank audits, statements, contracts, and more. Our client was able to pour through the meticulously translated evidence, building a timely and thorough defense for their court appearance. They were exceedingly pleased with Protranslating’s ability to manage such a massive translation and formatting job in record time, while still providing personalized service, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to translation quality.

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