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Financial data confidentiality for global institutions

Case Study: Financial data confidentiality


When documents are of a highly sensitive nature and confidentiality is paramount, it can be difficult to find a trusted language partner. Fortunately, a global financial institution and Protranslating client of 20 years, entrusted us to resolve a delicate problem with a broad geographic scope. Sensitive documents requiring translation from Spanish to English were being inexpensively handled by disparate local agencies across five different Latin American regions, but translation quality was sub­par, terminology was inconsistent, and delivery times were not being met.

Our client needed a secure, fast, expertly-crafted fix. We were on it.


Protranslating’s immediate first step was to create a centralized account management team tasked with supporting each Latin American office individually and providing 24/7 service to account for time differences. We then developed a comprehensive glossary and style guide, detailing universal terminology which was the result of consensus among country representatives from the different regions. This glossary was important for ensuring consistency across documents and offices and was used along with state-of-the-art Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. Protranslating also created a custom workflow to include a client in-­country review prior to sending us the work for additional editing. Given the sensitive nature of the documents, all files were transferred using a secure file transfer protocol. When our client received the final files, they were accurately translated, consistent, timely, and protected.


Streamlined workflow resulted in files being delivered 50% faster than before! The comprehensive glossary and style guide, sophisticated CAT tools, and centralized linguistic team also ensured higher quality and consistency in the translations. Over time, Protranslating’s translation memory tools have yielded cost savings, and our client is now spending less on translations than they would if paying in-house. Moreover, Protranslating centralized the billing for all of the work across the five regions, delivering time savings in the accounts receivable process for the financial institution. Perhaps most importantly, our client has enjoyed the peace ­of­ mind that comes with knowing critical documents are being handled confidentially and securely.

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