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Transcreation for cruise ships

Case Study: Culinary Transcreation for Cruise Ships


Significant finesse and know­-how are required to capture subtle nuances across languages and cultures, while also remaining true to a brand’s voice. That was precisely the challenge a leading cruise line posed us in their quest to provide guests with culinary adventures involving fresh creative menus for each of their destinations. Our task here was to provide our client, on a weekly basis, 10 to 15 localized menus with a consistent voice across cultures and languages, including Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Italian, and Russian.

Additionally, with a very short turnaround, averaging three days, the menus had to be formatted and delivered print-ready, allowing the cruise line adequate production time before departure. Ready to prove that BIG Language Solutions would deliver superior customer service and attention to detail for which our client is known, we got to work.


In order to ensure a localization that conveyed the cruise line’s voice across cultures, we recruited culinary experts in each language for this transcreation project. To save time during formatting, BIG Language Solutions studio experts trained our client’s staff on advanced InDesign features, ensuring files were properly created and set up for translation, thus eliminating unnecessary work at the tail end of the workflow.

Also, a second set of menus was created specifically for the staff, with informative waiter’s notes to facilitate superior customer service and a memorable dining experience for guests.


Our client can count on receiving 10 to 15 weekly menus, carefully translated by indigenous experts to uniquely resonate with each culture while still communicating the company’s brand to all guests. BIG Language Solutions has become the cruise line’s trusted partner, delivering highly localized menus in a timely manner and freeing up their staff from heavy, daily involvement in translations and the tedious task of formatting. Because of our old-school service, the client can focus exclusively on creating exciting adventures and culinary delights for its guests!

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