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Accurate insurance translation: a key to success

Accurate insurance translation: how premium service benefits the industry

As the world gets smaller, the global marketplace explodes, and international travel becomes an everyday affair, insurance companies that strive to be industry leaders have come to recognize the significant value of translation and interpreting services. Increasingly, they seek skilled and nimble language services providers (LSPs) that offer both linguistic acumen and subject matter expertise. They have learned that, to serve a multilingual, multicultural client base, consistently accurate translations are the key to success.
The Importance of Quality and Speed

When it comes to translating insurance documents, in which content is crucial, quality is the first vital component. While some translation mistakes can be innocuous or even laughable, for insurance companies, disseminating incorrect or inadequate information can have serious consequences, including physical harm and lawsuits.

As many textbook examples from the realms of politics, healthcare, and commerce have shown, a single mistranslated word can have far-reaching legal and financial impacts and can damage a company’s credibility and reputation—sometimes permanently.

  • Insurance industry terminology is extensive and complex, laden with concepts that are challenging even for a native English speaker to grasp, with sub-categories of important documents related to auto, property, healthcare, legal matters, business and human resources. A seasoned LSP, such as Protranslating, will tailor its services to each entity’s business line, clientele and unique standards and needs.
  • The range of documents that need to be translated is staggering, including forms, policies, accident reports, property loss, medical records, court documents, annual reports, handbooks, employment benefits, and risk management. Each must be translated precisely, with keen attention to detail.

In addition to quality, speed is essential in the fast-paced world of selling policies and processing claims. This requires an LSP that can handle all the documents required in both electronic and paper formats, throughout the entire client relationship.

  • Protranslating offers 24/7 availability through a worldwide network of more than 5,000 linguists, copywriters, transcreation specialists and industry experts. These strategically located professionals provide convenient assistance with initial client intake meetings, reports, assessments, witness statements and affidavits, examination for discovery, trial transcripts and much more. In short, we are always where you are when you need us.
  • We perform scrupulous research—in an efficient and effective manner.

Protranslating’s Track Record

The best way to prevent costly translation errors and delays is to have your documents translated by a professional LSP like Protranslating. Our goal is to satisfy you, our customer, so that you can, in turn, provide impeccable service to your customers to gain their loyalty and earn their referrals. You’ll improve your retention rate and ensure that clients of all cultures are properly served so you can process claims in a timely and responsive manner.

  • We’ve been in the translation business for 45 years. We have shaped and been shaped by the industry’s continuing technological advancements
  • We have earned ISO 9001 Certification and ISO 17100 Certification, which means we have been vetted by an independent, international organization that sets the standards for excellence in human resources and quality management in our industry
  • We provide expert translations in more than 200 languages
  • We are the preferred vendor for more than 2,000 companies throughout the world
  • We have interpreters and linguists with specialized expertise in the insurance industry who offer round-the-clock access
  • Our certified, professional translators are not only native speakers but highly experienced in interpreting in their languages
  • We are fast and efficient, knowing that timeliness can make or break a transaction
  • We perform comprehensive, ongoing quality reviews that include glossaries, style guides, translation memory, and audits

Protect your company against costly translation mistakes by investing in Protranslating. We’re your assurance of swift, accurate, reliable translations—for every document, every client, every time.

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