The World's Most Secure Translation Environment™

LanguageVault® is a fully secure environment for translating sensitive and confidential data that ensures the security and retention of all documents.

Security First

LanguageVault® combines proprietary technology and innovative processes to ensure complete security throughout the translation workflow. As the only platform with a SOC 2 type II report, LanguageVault® addresses a long-standing industry challenge of securing content through the translation life cycle.

Transparency and Control

LanguageVault® works seamlessly with our strict internal processes while introducing new levels of control and transparency for clients, from guaranteeing data encryption in transit and at rest, to real-time file recovery, protected data availability, controlled and restricted role-based access, customized data retention periods, and continuous vulnerability assessments.

By isolating your data into a single secure environment, the platform also provides a secure online hub for all your translation activity, offering a single access point for all your translation tasks and enabling you to track their progress, expedite projects, set notifications, and customize user settings.


LanguageVault® takes a 360-degree approach to the translation process; looking at the bigger picture to extend security beyond our internal platform so that all touchpoints – people, processes, and technology – are fully secure.

  • Unrivaled security standards for data protection, from Soc 2 Type II reports, to ISO 9001 and 17100 accreditation, PCI/DSS for payments, and ISO 27001/GDPR/CPRA compliance.
  • Full content isolation and protection, featuring encryption at rest, in transit, and in process, and protection via 2FA and IP authentication.
  • Flexible retention periods, so you can control how long we hold your files in our work portal and backup system.
  • Advanced audit capabilities, restricted workstations, and role-based access controls to reduce opportunities for data loss or theft via copy/paste restrictions, and control over access and use of software applications.
  • Real-time file recovery, with guaranteed zero data loss, automated file archiving, and proven disruption/disaster recovery.
  • Hierarchical company settings, so you can apply password security settings in line with your own internal security policies.

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