ATLANTA, April 2023 – BIG Language Solutions, a leading global language service provider, is excited to announce they have been named the official translation partner of the American Chamber of Commerce Spain, also known as AmChamSpain.

Through this new partnership, AmChamSpain members will benefit from access to a wide range of translation and localization services and will be supported by a language provider that offers them dedicated account managers, experienced project managers, and a full-service translation team that will seamlessly integrate into and partner with their organization.

“BIG Language Solutions is thrilled to embark on this new and exciting partnership with AmChamSpain,” said Tim Moorcroft, Senior Vice President of Europe Sales. “This collaboration allows AmChamSpain members to access world-class translation services in hundreds of languages tailored to their needs. We look forward to supporting the Chamber and all its valued members in Spain and the United States.”

Moorcroft is based in Spain and regularly attends AmChamSpain events to meet interesting people and participate in the wonderful business community that AmChamSpain creates and offers its members.

AmChamSpain members can now access the full suite of BIG Language Solutions resources and specializations, ensuring they are fully supported for all their language service needs. AmChamSpain members will also receive the first 1,000 words of translation in their first project for free.

“Through our portfolio, we are capable of customizing and delivering language services in more than 300 languages and dialects, including Intellectual Property and Legal, Life Sciences, Healthcare, and many other industries,” said Moorcroft.

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About American Chamber of Commerce Spain (AmChamSpain)

AmChamSpain’s main aim is to improve the Spanish economy’s competitiveness, productivity, and internationalization, attract and stimulate investment and trade between the U.S. and Spain, and promote technology and science transfer between the two countries. AmChamSpain carries out a crucial role in company networking between both countries. The wide range of events that the Chamber periodically organizes allows its partners to share information, grow more connected with other companies, and have access to high-ranking representatives of both local and national governments.

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