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Why In-House Medical Expertise Matters When Choosing a Language Service Provider

In our recent blog, ‘Who translates your medical documents?’, we went behind the scenes at DWL to introduce our global network of highly skilled freelance translators. Here, we set out why in-house medical expertise is so critical when translating medical and scientific texts, choosing a Language Service Provider for your business and why DWL’s unique focus on the life sciences sector makes all the difference to our customers

Medical expertise is vital for quality translations

Documents written by experts for use by experts should be translated by experts. In the life sciences industry, where patient safety is of paramount importance, the use of a specialist Language Service Provider (LSP) makes all the difference to quality.

Generalist LSPs and translation agencies tend to cover a wide range of industries. In contrast, DWL focuses on only one sector, life sciences. 

We have carved a niche for ourselves translating product information for regulatory affairs, including EU marketing authorizations, across a diverse portfolio of medicinal products, including medical devices. We believe that a proactive approach to building in-house expertise and recruiting the best translators is essential to our customers’ success. For this reason, we continually expand and train our database of specialist medical translators.

Three reasons to choose DWL as Language Service Provider

  1. Superior linguistic talent
    All our linguists are subject to DWL’s rigorous evaluation procedures. Their performance is continuously assessed under the supervision of our in-house Medical Director, Dr Iain Matheson. Dr Matheson, a physician and experienced translator, monitors DWL’s global supply chain of translators and revisers, including overseeing the resolution of any medical or linguistic queries.
  2. Unrivalled industry insight
    DWL’s global network of more than 1,000 translators and revisers includes physicians, biomedical and chemical scientists, regulatory affairs consultants, lawyers and legal experts, and financial and commercial specialists. This enables us to deliver translations of highly specialised medical and scientific texts, as well as clearly written patient-facing documents.
  3. Depth of knowledge
    Our rich, multilingual team includes project managers, language specialists, in-house medical experts and subject matter experts. We have vast experience translating documents from a range of medical specialities, from anesthesiology to urology, and support a wide range of pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organisations, regulatory affairs consultancies, medical device manufacturers, biotechnology companies, and universities and international research institutions. 

Get in touch for more information about DWL and the language services we offer. 



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