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Merry Christmas – here is DWL by numbers!

Christmas draws near, this was certainly our year – and here is DWL by numbers!

108 of our clients requested our services in 2015, resulting in…

1360 translation projects managed by DWL’s project management team this year alone!

2 new members of staff joined us this year!

2’184’000 steps (in total) were walked by participating members of DWL in September as part of the Steptember initiative, which means…

10’000 (or more) steps walked by each staff member per day

804 professional translation suppliers are now on our books

11 languages are spoken between DWL staff members, with a few more in the pipeline!

9001:2008 is the ISO quality management systems certification within which DWL operates as of 2015

1 doctor in the house! Our medical director (and translator) has continued to be invaluable for all things medical as well as linguistic

10 espressos were drunk per DWL employee per week this year. It’s best we don’t mention tea…

1 typewriter is kept permanently at DWL HQ

7 DWL employees were regular gym goers in 2015 – fingers crossed we keep it going in 2016!

53 is the number of years DWL has been established – post below if you can work out how many espressos we could consume in that time!




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