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The DWL 2021 Customer Satisfaction survey results are in.

DWL Customer Survey 2021 Result.

The DWL 2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey results are in, and we are pleased to see the hard work of our team reflected in the data, with 100% of respondents satisfied with our quality, speed and service.

We are especially proud of this result because of the steady increase in translation work we handled last year and the growth we experienced.

DWL is lucky to have an outstanding team of project managers handling complex translation requirements for our life science customers. They work tirelessly to coordinate the work of hundreds of specialist medical translators.

Plan. Do. Check. Act.

The customer satisfaction survey also identifies areas in which we can improve our services. Continuous improvement is a key feature of the ISO 9001 standard to which we are audited.

Based on the feedback we receive over the course of the year, including from the customer satisfaction survey, we can formulate a strategy for turning happy customers into evangelists for our brand.

We look forward to addressing areas in which we would like to develop to maintain our position as preferred language service provider to many of the world’s most important pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

We wish to give thanks to the customers who participated in our survey and agreed to give testimonials.

Our company is made up of translation and medical professionals – we love our work, and this positive feedback is welcome.



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