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eLearning case study for multinational companies

Case Study: eLearning for multinational companies


Just like a great salesperson tailors their approach to customer needs, this large payroll solutions company needed to implement a learning solution that was uniquely designed for their employees and anchored to their customers in different countries.

Their sales training course needed to be translated into 8 languages (Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish), consisted of 26,000 words, required the re-creation of images, and needed to include the transcription of source scripts. They had multiple file formats including Articulate Storyline that needed to be translated. All of this needed to be complete within 2.5 weeks and on a tight budget.

As if this wasn’t challenging enough, they were struggling to find a partner who would provide the right voice talent and has expertise localizing eLearning content.


Protranslating began by creating a centralized account management team tasked to support our client and provide 24/7 service. We then developed a comprehensive glossary and style guide, detailing universal terminology which was the result of consensus among country representatives from the different regions. This glossary was important for ensuring consistency across documents and offices. Protranslating then created a custom workflow to include a client in-country review prior to sending us the work for additional editing. We provided our client with voice talents that were all native speakers who worked with the client reviews in country on their time zone. Finally, all files were transferred using a secure file transfer protocol. When our client received the final files, they were accurately translated, consistent, timely, and protected.


Protranslating’s in-house studio provided a competitive advantage, cost savings and allowed us to apply client feedback changes quickly. Because of our all-inclusive value added pricing, we were able provide the service far under their budget and on time.

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