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Business translations: the ultimate guide

Business Translations: The Ultimate Guide

As international trade becomes more prevalent, desirable, and complex, businesses need reliable, expert translation services more than ever. Below are a few reasons why finding a trusted resource for accurate business translations is top of mind for savvy business leaders:

  • Appealing new markets are opening every day
  • Companies need to expand their global, multicultural footprint as efficiently as possible
  • The world marketplace is competitive, highly regulated, multi-layered, and constantly evolving
  • International business requires communicating seamlessly with local employees, business partners, and customers

The goals of business translation

Multinational businesses depend on well-written, accurate, and culturally relevant translations of documents to communicate effectively with audiences worldwide. As a result, it will penetrate new markets, boost sales, and manage daily operations.

Just think of all the aspects involved in opening a new market. There’s due diligence, distributor and supplier recruiting and auditing, regulatory compliance, and customs documentation. Preparing accurate financial and legal documents requires familiarity with local and international government and regulatory agencies and standards.

Both internal and external documents need to be accurately translated. In addition, a single business must ensure consistent content across various documents, from annual reports and user manuals to employee handbooks and learning materials.

Examples of business documents that need to be translated include patents, handbooks, contracts, RFPs, corporate videos, training materials, and sales/marketing materials.

Cultural relevance

In addition to accommodating a company’s preferred terminology and brand, effective business translation includes incorporating culturally relevant images, graphics, and words. Below is an example from one of our BIG Language companies, Protranslating:

While American retail businesses extensively use superlatives in their communications, using such language is against the law in China. Hence, in that country, a company could not claim in advertisements to have the “best”.

Finding a qualified business translator

Choosing the correct language services provider (LSP) is vital. When looking for an LSP to partner with, you should look for the following:

  • Translators vetted through a rigorous process
  • Track record of success in countries where you operate or wish to operate in
  • Flexibility – quick turnaround
  • Availability – business translation services should be available 24/7/365
  • Proven expertise in your field and access to industry-specific language
  • A wide range of languages represented
  • Appropriate business translation software
  • ISO Certified

Business translation best practices

Below are four valuable tips for managing a business translation process:

  1. Translators should sign commercial confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.
  2. Translators should have native speaker-level fluency and be versed in local customs and practices and popular and traditional cultural references.
  3. Localized translations should match the technical content and the “look and feel” of the source documents.
  4. Translations should be suitable and valuable for each document’s chosen audience.

What BIG Language Service Offers

Business translation services are critical in international players’ daily operations and business plans. As a result, selecting an LSP with the required skills, experience, and depth of industry knowledge can boost your competitive position on an ever-expanding world stage.

At BIG Language Solutions, we customize and deliver services in more than 300 languages and dialects. BIG maintains the original material’s intent, style, tone, and context; transcreation allows a company to market its products internationally and transcend the boundaries of language and culture.

Contact us to learn how we can help your international business today!



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