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Work with one of the world's fastest-growing Language Service Providers (LSPs). With a net promoter score of 90+, BIG Language Solutions is proud to be the trusted partner for organizations across the globe. Our team of 15,000+ expert linguists, project managers, and subject matter experts is ready to help you translate content from any source into more than 300 languages and dialects.

We Understand Your Challenges

Your Content Is in the Spotlight

Your content helps your business to connect with the world. To support your customers and deliver on your global expansion goals, you need to be able to communicate effectively in every language. 

Translations Are Fragmented

Don’t wait until the end of the content creation process to procure translation services. By considering your language needs earlier, you can avoid rework and delays, not to mention poor quality translations, mistranslations, or errors in formatting and imagery. 

Technology Is Holding You Back

An inefficient approach to technology risks undermining your translation efforts. Not every technology platform used for language services matches the level of skill or expertise that translators provide. Even worse, it can expose your confidential data to theft.

Localization Adds Too Much Time

For your business to grow locally, you must develop effective content in every language. Streamline translations while safeguarding sensitive content by partnering with an LSP that prioritizes efficiency and security. 

How BIG is different


We surround every point your assets touch with security.


We unify our approach without overriding your unique needs.


We elevate quality above the individual translation task.

Years in Business
1 +
Global Locations
Expert Linguists
in secure translations
# 100

Measurable Performance


99.71% on time delivery

Quality Score:

99.6% measured quality goal (Q3 2021 level reflecting 99.7% Measured Quality)

Linguistic Test Pass Rate:

Less than 6% across all languages.

Initial Response Times:

10- to 15-minute response time during working hours.
1- to 3-hour response time during evenings, weekends & holidays.

The World's Most Secure Translation Environment™

Security is Our Top Priority

LanguageVault® is a fully secure environment for translating sensitive and confidential data that ensures the security and retention of all documents.

LanguageVault® combines proprietary technology and innovative processes to ensure complete security throughout the translation workflow. As the only platform with a SOC 2 type II report, LanguageVault® addresses a long-standing industry challenge of securing content through the translation life cycle.

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