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BIG Named Fastest-Growing LSP

We are excited to announce that we have been recognized as the world’s fastest-growing Language Service Provider (LSP) by independent market research company CSA Research. Its latest report, LSPs, and Langtech Vendors with Fastest Growth: 2021 ranked the 20 language service vendors that grew the

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BIG Acquires ISI Language Solutions

In an already-busy season for acquisitions, Atlanta-based BIG Language Solutions (BIG) has announced the acquisition of healthcare and insurance specialist ISI Language Solutions, a provider of industry specific language access and localization solutions, for an undisclosed sum. ISI Language Solutions provides services like translation and

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BIG Gets Bigger, Acquires US Healthcare Specialist ISI

Big Language Solutions (BIG) has acquired healthcare and insurance specialist ISI Language Solutions. The transaction closed in early September 2020, Jeff Brink, CEO at BIG, told Slator. According to Brink, “It was a bit tricky closing a deal in the Covid environment, but everyone was

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transcreation for multilingual marketing: when is it right for your brand?

For most businesses looking to expand existing marketing campaigns to new foreign markets, translation and localization are often the go-to language services. While translation and localization are often sufficient to address many language service needs, some multilingual marketing projects require a more intensive approach. Transcreation is more resource-intensive

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BIG Investment in Interpreting

ATLANTA, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Atlanta-based BIG Language Solutions announced its acquisition of Language Link, a leading interpreting and translation services provider based in Vancouver, Washington. BIG Language Solutions acquires Language Link, a leading interpreting and translation services provider. The global language services market

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