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Eleni Andreou
Account Executive
DWL / BIG Language Solutions
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Partnership to Date

Biogen, We Speak Your Language!

DWL, a BIG Language Company, is proud to be Biogen’s preferred supplier for high-quality regulatory translation services across various language combinations. We have supported Biogen with medical translations since 2014. Eleni, your dedicated account executive, and the project team are always available to discuss, design, and deliver the correct language solution for your unique needs.

Over our years of partnership with Biogen, we have expanded our range of services to support Biogen’s diverse content needs. This includes translations for eLearning platforms, applications, clinical and legal documents, multimedia (subtitling and voice-over), patents, and interpretation services.

We have collaborated with Biogen to prepare instruction documents to improve their Linguistic Review process regarding translation and affiliate reviews.

We can provide you with key performance indicators (KPIs) and offer project management and consultancy services. So whether you need quality or speed, we can meet both.

What makes us different

As Biogen’s preferred supplier, you can access our premium service at a great price and with a personal touch: 

  • We know your business: We have been translating Biogen’s content for 7+ years! We can help you manage your affiliate and in-country reviews as well as the communication with the Member States. The new clinical trial regulation reduces timelines significantly – we can help you reduce your timelines to avoid missing deadlines.We can provide you with key performance indicators (KPIs) and offer project management and/or consultancy services.
  • We are fast and consistent: We employ extensive translation glossaries and memories for Biogen’s projects, which enable us to deliver projects to a consistently high standard.
  • We are innovative and responsive: We can work with computer-assisted translation (CAT) and machine translation (MT) tools to streamline projects and save you time. We also have an excellent track record of helping you deploy them and training NMT tools. 
  • We are global: With more than 15,000 subject matter experts, translators, and interpreters around the globe, our experts can support your language needs in more than 200 languages and regional dialects. 
  • Your deadlines are our deadlines: Our global network of translators can scale rapidly to meet your internal deadlines. We provide all our services on time and within budget according to our master service agreement. 
  • We match the quality to your needs: whether you meet quality, speed, or both, we can meet both.

About BIG Language

BIG Language Solutions is disrupting the highly fragmented language industry by assembling the brightest minds in the industry and building the most powerful and secure technology to deliver on all of your language needs.

Collectively, we navigate the complex nature of language services so you can achieve global success. Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, we empower our teams and linguists to build and deliver resourceful, impactful, and secure customer solutions.

Featured Capabilities

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Contract Management
You Can Rely on Our Expertise to Protect Your International Business Deals
Subtitling Services: Quickly and Accurately Convert Audio to Text in Any Language
Voice-Over Services to Improve the Global Reach of Your Video or Audio Content

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The World's Most Secure Translation Environment™

LanguageVault® is a fully secure environment for translating sensitive and confidential data that ensures the security and retention of all documents.

We are BIG on Diversity

BIG will always be committed to diversity. Our focus is on recruiting, retaining, and advancing the most talented team members from all backgrounds. We encourage our teams to provide different and original perspectives that diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and abilities bring to our company, partners, and clients.

Your Relationship Manager:

Eleni Andreou
Account Executive
DWL / BIG Language Solutions
Phone: +44 (0)20 3475 0810
E-mail: [email protected]


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