Consecutive/Over-the-phone interpreting (OPI)

Consecutive Over-the-phone interpreting

Specialized Interpreters for Highly Regulated Industries, in Any Language.

Don’t let language barriers get in the way of accurate communication with your customers and members. Over-the-phone interpretation provides instant connection with industry specialized interpreters to ensure the right message gets across each time.

BIG Language Solutions: Over-the-Phone Interpretation

24/7/365 Availability

With our over-the-phone interpretation service, your clients and stakeholders who are not fluent in English can be assisted proficiently with a simple phone call, any time of the day and night. We ensure full service coverage even during weekends and holidays to reliably serve your customers with excellence.

Highly Trained Interpreters for Highly Regulated Industries

Whether you need interpreting in a healthcare, financial services, legal, or educational setting, we can get a qualified interpreter on the phone to help your stakeholders and customers, anytime you need it.

No need to worry about using the wrong industry terms or not complying with regulations; our interpreters undergo rigorous, ongoing training to keep their skills sharp and their interpretations compliant.

Professional Communication in 300+ Languages

The people you serve come from diverse backgrounds. Assist them in their preferred language so everyone is provided with accurate information they can trust.

By the Minute Pricing, With no Surprises

Easy does it with straightforward billing. You only pay for the interpretation minutes – after connecting with an interpreter.

Real-Time Access to Calls and Reports

Get a complete snapshot of current usage by accessing InterpVault™, your interpretation portal, so you’re always on top of minutes used.

99.9999% Uptime

Thanks to a robust and reliable telephony infrastructure, your requests will get through to an interpreter every time.

if you're ready for trustworthy, accurate, industry-specific phone interpretation, speak with one of our consultants today.

How Does Working With BIG Language Solutions Benefit you?

Fast Connections

With an average connection time of just 20 seconds, you'll know your customers can get the assistance they need, when they need it.

Compliance and Privacy, Guaranteed

We safeguard client data according to industry-specific privacy regulations and specifications, while strict procedures ensure interpreters keep all private conversations confidential. With your permission, we record calls for quality purposes only; these recordings are then securely deleted after 30 days.

Expertise in Your Industry

Whether it’s for healthcare, legal, financial services, government, or another strictly regulated industry, you’ll have access to professional interpreters who are also subject matter experts in your field.

Rigorous Quality Assurance

You can count on the same high quality service during every call to one of our specialized interpreters, thanks to a thorough 10-step quality control process.

User-Friendly, Quick Onboarding

Get your account, portal, and everything you need set up and ready for your first call, in just 24 hours – speedy quick by interpretation standards.

"This was by far the easiest and fastest translation and interpretation service we have used in the past 3 years.”
Education Client

Trusted & Tested Across Regulated Industries

OPI Industries Healthcare

Our qualified and certified interpreters are a vital link in healthcare communication, ensuring accurate, compassionate, and confidential conversations.


From emergency services to routine administrative tasks, OPI breaks down linguistic hurdles to ensure equitable, efficient services for all.

OPI Industries Government
OPI Industries Education

Interpretation increases understanding among teachers, students, and families to foster a collaborative educational environment.

Professional Services

Whether it’s supporting international customers or facilitating global teamwork, our over-the-phone interpretation reduces communication barriers and improves outcomes.

OPI Industries Corporate

Getting started with BIG Language Solutions is Easy: 

  1. Schedule a conversation to discuss your interpretation needs and we’ll share our competitive pricing.

  2. Complete a simple onboarding form.

  3. Your account will be set up within 24 hours.


You’re ready for your first call!

OPI Customer Portal


Your real-time, secure interpretation portal

Once you’re a customer, you’ll have access to your customer portal to review monthly usage, view invoices, request help, or ask questions.

Ready to Get Started?

Schedule a consultation today to learn how BIG’s over-the-phone interpretation can benefit your organization.

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